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Your journey is my passion! When we work together, you will have unlimited access to me with regular sessions for 3 months. This includes the option for personal yoga and mindfulness practices.

Cultivate Deep Insight

~Get to know yourself inside and out by asking powerful questions
~Peel back the layers of limiting beliefs, expectations, and unconscious patterns that are holding you back
~Discover your purpose and passions
~Create a life, career, and environment that allows you to thrive
~Understand how you show up in the world and the impact you have on others
~Uncover your true vision and find more happiness

Strengthen Your Intuition

~Reconnect with and strengthen your connection to your body
~Find quiet so you can hear your body and build a trusting relationship
~Get familiar with your emotions, ego, conditioned responses, and inner voice
~Learn to choose yourself in every situation
~Move toward more of what feels good and further away from what drains you
~Be powerful and trust yourself fully

Create Your Practice

~Explore methods backed by neuroscience and psychology to build self-awareness and foster personal growth
~Put what you know into action so that you can begin to see and feel real change in your brain, body, career, and life
~Slow and mindful practices such as meditation, breath work, nature walks, and yoga cultivate presence, healing, awareness, and mind body connection
~Learn to heal and rest your nervous system to recharge and revitalize

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What Clients are Saying

Kind words from wonderful people

Hollie Chow

Admin Professional

"The feedback is always valuable and helpful. Easy to talk to and I always leave a session feeling lighter. I don't realize the weight I carry until it's gone!"

Scott Johnson

Virtual Professional

"I cannot say enough AWESOME things about Tabitha. She has been my life coach and friend for over 17 years now and I would not be where I am today without her. Over the last year alone she has been with me every step of the way while I launched my Virtual Professional company and many of the decisions came from her support and guidance. I look forward to taking my business to the next level and having Tabitha right there by my side. FIVE stars. I highly recommend Tabitha. You are not only gaining a life coach, but a good friend in your corner!"

Karrie Newcombe

Philosophy Student

"I felt very supported and understood. The session ended with me having an action plan I felt confident I could accomplish for the week and that was exactly what I was hoping to get out of it. The most valuable part was your flexibility and willingness to do a session in person."

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